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Be Safe as Houses 

is your online resource for dealing with

Meth contaminated properties

Private Property

What can 'Be Safe as Houses' offer you?

Be Safe as Houses offers Property purchasers, tenants, landlords, real estate agents, property managers, tradespeople, pet owners and concerned parents the information and links to research etc that will enable them to keep their family safe.

This site offers information only and not advice. It provides access to resources that can assist you to determine what to do.

When you have the information you are then able to make informed choices for yourself and your family or business.

We have compiled resources, viewpoints, and data to present the facts sourced from the latest research for those who access this site in a comprehensive yet easy to follow manner. 

To ensure what you will find on this site is accurate and up to date we assure you we will continually work to seek out the latest research from reputable sources.

Help us to help others by sharing your story or simply telling us you have been affected too. The more we understand how big the problem really is the more we can lobby for government to take action. 

On this site we will cover

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